Investment Committee

Brookwood's Investment Committee is comprised of Thomas Nicholas Trkla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Thomas W. Brown, President and Director of Acquisitions; Mark J. Daniels, Director of Corporate Acquisitions; Greg P. Papazian, Director of Retail Sales; Jayne M. Rice, Director of Institutional Sales and Marketing; and Kurt M. Zernich, General Counsel and Director of Asset Management.

The Investment Committee formulates Brookwood's overall investment strategy, determining the optimal size of Brookwood's portfolio of investments and the asset classes in which the firm will invest, taking into account our organization's tolerance for risk, targeted return, timeline for investment and the appropriate levels of debt.

The Investment Committee approves all investment decisions, including real estate and private corporate acquisitions, annual operating and capital budgets, dispositions and other financing or capital transactions for each of the investment affiliates in its portfolio.

Committee members represent various aspects of Brookwood's operations, including acquisitions, asset and property management, investor relations and financial oversight. Consensus of the investment committee is sought for approval of all major transactions and decisions.

The Investment Committee meets formally at such times as are deemed necessary to fulfill its responsibilities and informally every week. The members of the Committee meet regularly with all constituencies of the organization and remain intimately involved in the operations of each asset throughout the ownership cycle.