Current Strategy

Brookwood's current strategy is to acquire a diversified portfolio of privately-held companies that we believe are undervalued in the current economy and would benefit from a broad consolidation of resources. Our primary objective is to create value using a consistent and repeatable roll-up strategy.
We target related companies individually; add value through capital and operational improvements, restructuring and consolidation.
We look for companies in markets that are in the early or middle stages of recovery, showing strong indications of stability, local expansion or job growth. We look for companies in those industries that inherently support the effects of strategic reorganization and consolidation of networks and resources.
Brookwood believes that this strategy is ideally suited to the post-recession environment, where many industries are recovering but have not yet stabilized. This strategy was devised to minimize the risks associated with factors not able to be controlled, such as those resulting from industry-wide volatility or broader economic turmoil, allowing us to maximize the opportunities for substantial returns through the expansion and evolution of the portfolio companies.