Asset and Property Management Services

Operational and Financial Services
  • Creation of the annual budget
  • Improving NOI through expense reduction
  • Cash and reserves management
  • Assistance with property tax matters
  • Negotiations with third party service providers
  • Securing and monitoring of adequate insurance
  • Compliance with lender requirements
  • Regular monitoring and review of:
    • Leasing and marketing activity
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Accounting and litigation
    • Zoning and environmental compliance
    • Capital improvement management
  • Selection/evaluation of property and maintenance managers and leasing agents

Strategic Counsel
  • Developing a strategic plan with the owner that includes:
    • Leasing strategies
    • Market analysis
    • Performance modeling
    • Debt restructuring
    • Reconfiguration of tenant space
    • Quarterly and annual goals
    • Capital improvements
  • Due diligence and underwriting
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Frequent and Timely Reports to the Owner
  • Monthly written reports with respect to identified priorities and other worthy items
  • Quarterly written reports with budget, market and variance analysis
  • Annual business plan analysis
  • Budget feedback
  • Lender reports
  • Investor reports

Tenant Services
  • Rent collection
  • Property inspections
  • Tenant retention
  • Tenant communication
  • Tenant appreciation events
  • Work orders
  • Move in/move out oversight
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Construction management