Competitive Advantages

Excellent Track Record
  • Since 1993, invested in 142 properties in 13 states and seven private companies
  • Acquired and managed assets with a realized and unrealized value over $1.9 billion
  • Purchased and managed over 13.5 million square feet of office, retail and research & development space and 1,360 residential lots, as well as hotel and apartment units
Proven Responsiveness
  • Anticipate market shifts and are nimble enough to adapt accordingly
  • Continually analyze property operations
  • Regularly revisit client action plans against current economic and market trends
  • Never complacent, always look for new ways to improve the return to the owner
Experienced Management
  • Distinguished intellectual capital and continuity of senior management
  • Over 200 years of experience spanning multiple economic cycles in relevant fields:
    • Real Estate Management
    • Acquisitions
    • Finance
    • Commercial Banking
    • Law
  • Personal senior management involvement with each asset and client
Successful Team Approach
  • Each asset has a dedicated team comprised of:
    • Senior management
    • An asset or property manager
    • An analyst
    • An accountant
    • Local service providers (if necessary)
  • Ensure continuity of rich and informed services across multiple disciplines
  • Conduct frequent and regular meetings to review each asset in detail
Transparent and Timely Communication
  • Thorough and timely reporting
  • Updates are distributed when significant events occur, addressing questions as they arise
  • Continual access to responsive senior management
  • Commitment to open communication, integrity and honesty
  • Full compliance with the letter, spirit and intent of all laws, regulations and policies
  • Socially responsible corporate citizenship
  • Encouragement for our employees to play a leadership role in the community